KZN Floods: Boats needed to rescue workers in Isipingo

A car stranded in deep water at Isipingo.

A car stranded in deep water at Isipingo.

Boats were acquired on Tuesday for rescue workers stuck in shoulder-high water in Isipingo, south-west of Durban.

The area of Isipingo has been hit hard by the rains, with houses near the Isipingo beach vicinity having been totally flooded.

Aidan David, chairperson of the Isipingo Community Police Forum, said they had been fielding calls from people stranded at their workplaces since dawn.

“The situation is terrible, it is a state of disaster.

He said:

“I have people from as far as Hibberdene and Warner Beach assisting us with rubber ducks. We are trying to get people out from wherever they are stranded.”

David said the area of Crab City was totally underwater with water levels reaching close to two metres high.

“We need to get people to safety but the challenge we are having is that we have no place of safety.

“The halls are becoming full and the people have even offered their vacant homes on higher ground which we appreciate but I don’t think it will be enough.

“We are going to need more supplies and assistance,” he said. David said the situation looks like it is going to go “from bad to worse” as water from the sea continues to push up the river level.

“This will affect the many houses situated along the river banks in Isipingo,” he said.