Dental Care in Durban

Oral Health is supportive of bodily systemic health. The mouth and teeth are the source of the most pathogenic bacteria. If the Oral hygiene is well maintained, organs in the body are healthier, even cardiac, diabetic and stroke patients are able to be healthier if they regularly maintain their oral health status. The Dental Clinic assesses, advises and assists patients to acquire and maintain optimal oral health through cost efficient and regular visits.

Dental Centre Morningside

Dental Centre Morningside in Durban

The Dental Centre Morningside in Durban has a comfortable modern facility with parking and easy access for all patients. The well established, modern practise of Dr Windisch & Associates sets the pace in the latest trends and technologies in dental practise, IT and related fields. Apart from regular dental and oral hygiene, specialised cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, computer technology and implantology also form part of their service offering.
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The Smile Emporium

The Smile Emporium in Durban

Whether you’re looking for a reliable, gentle dentist or a younger, fresher look, we can help you with both. For Dr Sheryl Smithies, dentistry is about more than just teeth alone. It also includes confidence and the way you feel about yourself. For this reason, Dr Smithies decided to extend her skills in facial aesthetics to give our patients the look that they deserve.
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