Mother-in-law in a tug-of-war over dress

Football boss Andile Mpisane’s mother-in-law –Delvis Stifler Louw – is involved in a tug-of-war with a popular designer store after it allegedly sold her a “dirty dress”.

An unimpressed Louw took to her Instagram page this week to “expose” top celebrity fashion house FabroSanz Creations for being unprofessional and failing to refund her after she was sold a “dirty dress”.

However, FabroSanz Creations owner Sandi Mazibuko described Louw as being “dramatic” because her refund had been processed.

Mazibuko revealed that Louw’s refund had already been approved by their accountant and was processed on Thursday night from the shop’s other bank account. She said that could explain why the money had not yet reflected in Louw’s account.

On Friday she confirmed to City Press that Louw spent R43 000 at the Nelson Mandela Square store in Sandton a week ago where she bought a hat and a dress.

Mazibuko said:

She came back to the store after her [Instagram] post on Monday and spoke to our store manager and explained to him [what the problem was] because the lady who assisted her at the time was not there. She said the dress she bought was dirty, which meant that it was dirty when we sold it to her.

The creative director said when the dress was returned, it had makeup marks which were not there when Louw bought it a week ago.

“We did not have any proof that the dress was dirty when she bought it. She wanted a refund, and the dress was returned dirty. So, [our policy says] we don’t refund if the dress is returned in a non-saleable condition. But we were advised to just refund her because the assistant who assisted her was not there and is no longer working for us,” Mazibuko said.

FabroSanz, which is located at the prestigious mall in Sandton, sells high-end Nguni traditional designer outfits. The fashion store dresses celebrities and has previously partnered with the Miss SA pageant to dress former title holder Shudufhadzo Musida.

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The store also dresses media personalities such as the Real Housewives of Durban star Thobile Mseleku and award-winning actress Jessica Nkosi.

Louw is the mother of Tamia Mpisane, who married the Royal AM club boss early this year. She is the co-founder and CEO of Riqueza Holdings, a company that caters for clients with money. It also offers financial wellness coaching.

On Instagram she did not mince her words when she shared her experience, saying she was disgusted by how she was treated at the store when she returned the dress this week.

Louw fumed:

They say it’s dirty. I did not take it out of the shopping bag after buying it. It was taken off their mannequin, so how exactly did I dirty it? I didn’t even try that particular dress on as I tried a red one off the floor in the same size and ended up buying a yellow one off the mannequin.

“So, how exactly did I dirty the dress that I didn’t even wear? Why is the red one not dirty? They are trying everything and anything to get out of giving me a cash refund because of ‘their policy’, which is not stated anywhere in their store, is that they give you a voucher [instead of cash],” she vented.

Her phone went unanswered on Friday as she was said to be travelling to Dubai. But earlier she had insisted on social media that she wanted her money back.

“I don’t want no voucher. I want nothing from that store! I left those clothes at your shop on Friday [last week] and still haven’t received a call from them.

“Mind you, they didn’t even give me a receipt. They just asked for my email address, so the only proof of purchase I had was the speed point slip,” she fumed.

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Mazibuko said she had tried to contact Louw, but her phone was off.

“I tried calling her because I wanted to speak to her as an owner and apologise, but I can’t get hold of her,” Mazibuko said.